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License: GPLv2

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Concept Application Server 4.0.22 RC2
Released on 2015-01-26 12:30:00

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Concept Application Server (CAS) is the leading edge technology behind RadGs software products.
The CAS idea: split the application into the business part and the interface thin-client. The business part is in fact the application, with unlimited number1 of interfaces.

The business part communicates with the thin client (called Concept Client) by using the Concept data secured protocol. The synchronization is achieved by using a messaging service able to exchange messages both over the cloud (internet) and over the server itself.

A rich hierarchy of classes and controls ensures the synchronization without any special control from the software developer.

No piece of Concept code will be executed on the client, but all the events and user data input will be done with the client.

Concept Application Server has a relatively small resemblance with the traditional HTTP servers, because instead of typical "touch and go" scripts (a script is run for every user event), the application is always active ensuring a better end-user experience.
Can be regarded as a bi-directional protocol while HTTP is request-based (unidirectional). 

Concept Application Server comes with three additional services in order to ensure full efficiency for enterprise applications.
  • Concept CGI - in order to create Web 2.0 applications
  • Concept CLI - command line interpreter
  • Concept Services - support for background tasks that may run without an explicit call from a user
From the developer's point of view, this technology can create complex on-line software with minimum effort. Every single GUI Concept Application runs on-line. Also, it is able to integrate with the typical browser, in order to run applications by simply typing the address.


Concept Application Server is under a GPL or BSD license (educational, personal and commercial).

1) Limited only by hardware

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